Sarana Selaras Media In a Glance

Started from our love in design, branding and media since senior high school, we unrecognized to keeping wrestle in same major till we’re in a collage. We put design, branding and media in favourite stuff for about 10 years and still counting, untill it’s bring us to belief we can’t be apart from something that we loved.

From our passion was born a branding company named Sarang Kreatif on august 2018 in the most prestigious office building in Surabaya, its Graha Pena Jawa Pos. Several months passed by, but for some reason we can’t maintain our exsitance in that building.

As if it had become a destiny, we were given away for come back to design, building and media world. Met by investor who glanced at our potential, that is our first turning point. By the name of Sarana Selaras Media, on 13th march 2019 we stand up again and ready to serv you with heart and profesionality. Let’s Build Your Brand With Us.

It’s an honor to be your business buddy

As your business buddy we would like to hear what you want, and make it happen. In professional hand we will bring your brand to lead the market and break your target. The only thing that we cared is all about pleased the customers. Is that you?

What we can do for you?

Business buddy : your personal business advisor who help you encrease your business with many treatment in digital marketing needed and branding builder, like visual service (graphic design, photography, editing), marketing analyst, strategy mapping, evaluating the strategy, excecution, mantaining.

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